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Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions
Effective as of: 1-1-2017

Web Design by Rich does not spam or sell anyone’s personal information. All website and/or business practices are the personal property of the owner. Client’s business information, product, service or idea(s) is not stolen or infringed upon by Web Design by Rich, in any shape or form. Web Design by Rich is not responsible for website errors due to any client making changes to WDR’s completed work. Deposits are not refundable. In the event that the client is unsatisfied, remaining balance does not need to be paid. Web Design by Rich will show client updates during projects to avoid any unsatisfactory outcomes. Web Design by Rich will not use copyrighted information on client website, including copyrighted images, names with reserved status, and/or content. Web Design by Rich will not participate in the creation of any illegal website(s). Client is solely responsible for the content on their website, before and after project. Web Design by Rich does not necessarily share the opinions or views of any client or their website.

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